Kinilaw Mix fever just hit West Coast!

It was the moment every OFW had been waiting for. Everyone can't wait to grab their fist Kinilaw Mix Products: Kinilaw Mix Original and Kinilaw Mix Superhot. Since hearing it through social networking sites and friends requests for Kmix in the US swarmed the admin. And now it has finally arrived!

Last April 18, Kinilaw Mix had just landed in California. Eager OFW's were always asking which stores are the products available. And so we posted the list of the first set of stores with Kmix products. More news in

Kinilaw Mix Now in New Jersey

The sensational Kinilaw Mix Instant Flavor of Freshness is now in New Jersey. NJ is the state listed as one of the most populated state of US yet one of the most diverse as well. But the most famous thing about New Jersey is its beaches. And there is nothing greater than a nice fresh Kinilaw for your nice day at the beach.

Everyone was asking"When will Kinilaw Mix arrive at New Jersey?", it just did! Last April 26, 2013 Kinilaw Mix Original and Kinilaw Mix Superhot had just landed in New Jersey. Uncle Sam's beloved New Jersey does not need to wait any longer. More news in

Kinilaw Mix is now available at Ororama

Last December 29, Kinilaw Mix has now officially partnered with Ororama Chain of Stores. The Store Manager, and over-all Marketing head, Ma'am Claire had been very intrigued of the product since she had heard that it is a Kinilaw Instant Mix. She said, “As in murag instant spaghetti? Rehas anang uban pang instant na ulam?' and continued about how that is the first time she had ever encountered an amazing product plus the fact that there are NO Preservatives added. The assistant Store Manager, Mr. Bong had immediately bought a kilo of fish before going home the night he had his sample of Kinilaw Mix. The next day he had told me and other Ororama staffs how he had liked the product very much. More news in

Kinilaw Mix Participates in Mindanao Expo and Christmas Bazaar

It was again the annual Mindanao Trade Expo of Davao. This year it was a month long Christmas Bazaar at the Activity Center, Abreeza Ayala Mall, Davao City from November 26 – December 2, 2012.

Products from all over Mindanao are showcased at this Grand Bazaar. It was a fun time as people often come and visit the Booth which is positioned at the Region 10 Expo Booths. Many are very intrigued with the product and gained us good profits. None can deny that the product is really good to try. Some who had tried and liked the product searched our facebook page and liked us to get more info about the product and they did not missed to tell us just how much they had liked the product. More news in

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